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In November 2022, we distributed $17K in debit card value to our three Distribution Partners:

   250 $15 Target cards: $ 3,750

   223 $10 Target cards: $ 2,230

   190 $ecurity Cards  : $11,020

You can read a sample of the testimonials from those that received Target cards, pictures and testimonials from those that received $ecurity Cards, and review data measuring how the $ecurity Cards are being used.

In March 2022, we distributed retail debit cards and $ecurity Cards to our three Distribution Partners. We are thrilled to shares some of the feedback received so far:

Cocoa Packs (Hershey, PA)

"Truly no adequate words to express our gratitude. The impact is so profound. One example: a mother was able to buy her special needs son a train set. It warmed her heart to see his face light up as they played with it together. Many are saving their cards for Easter but here is some feedback from our distribution this week."

     -- Christine Drexler, Founder & President

  • "Last Tuesday night a candle caught our curtains on fire. We grabbed our fire extinguisher and realized it was outdated. Because of the gift card we were able to purchase a new one at that cost the exact amount we received. The generosity you shared is truly now part of keeping us safe."

  • "Our grandson who we are raising was beat up in school by bullies. He has been very depressed. We gave him the gift card and he got a big smile on his face."

  • "I was able to buy diapers for my son."

  • "I was able to buy the right size diapers for my son."

  • "I used it to purchase Easter items for my children."

  • "I was able to purchase a new crib mattress for my daughter. It is so deeply appreciated ."

  • I was able to buy a special toy for my son for Easter that I would not have been able to purchase otherwise."

and, our favorite:

  • "I looked at the gift card and thought about it long & hard all week and decided to bring it back to you to bless someone else who might need it more than I do."


Arsola’s Distribution Center and Community Services (Oakland, CA)

"Everyone was so thankful for the $ecurity Cards. Here is some representative feedback."

     -- Candi Thornton, Founder & Executive Director

  • "I will use this for gas since gas is so high."

  • "I will help my granddaughter buy diapers for her baby."

  • "I will use this to buy some storage containers."

  • "I will use this for gas."

Trinity Center (Walnut Creek, CA)

"Lilia is a 19 yr. old ... who has a 2 year old child and is currently without a home. She is in a working internship program to become a nurse’s assistant, and came into Trinity Center today for an ID voucher and help with the livescan fee for her new job/internship. Trinity Center was able to give her a $58 $ecurity Card, to which Lilia was extremely thankful. Once she starts working for a month, Trinity Center will collect her paystubs and make an official housing referral! This was a very needed step in the process."

     -- Jon Lawrence, Young Adult Program Coordinator (03/28/2022)

"We handed out another C4SI $ecurity Card today. Gary (52 years old) has been coming to Trinity Center for 3 weeks now and we helped him with several job applications. This resulted in employment! With the $58 $ecurity Card he was able to buy steel toe shoes for his first day of work! With his income we will be able to help him find housing. Thank you!!"

     -- Marjolein Daas, Associate Director (04/14/2022)

"We gave out another $ecurity Card today. One of our members from our day program, and also participating in our evening program, was successful in obtaining an apartment. She has used the months in our evening program to stay safe as much as possible. She has worked really hard and spent many hours to get financially stable. She got the keys for her apartment today and is trying to get all that she needs in place. As you know, it can be expensive to set up an apartment! We are helping her with obtaining a bed and other furniture. We also gave her a $ecurity Card to buy new towels, hygiene/cleaning products, etc. She is so happy and grateful!


Handing out a $ecurity Card is a great moment for all of us at Trinity Center. It is a blessing to see the happiness on the members face and it also warms the hearts of all of us! Thank you for giving us the opportunity!!

     -- Marjolein Daas, Associate Director (05/02/2022)



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