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Join Our Growing List of C4SI Patrons Who Have Chosen to be Recurring Donors!

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Join us as we strive to share capitalist wealth via cash supplements for those living in poverty!


>1,300 Donations

260 Unique Donors

as of 10/01/2023

C4SI donations can take 2 forms:


1) Support for immediate funding of C4SI $ecurity Cards and retail debit cards


  • 100% of donations used for C4SI $ecurity Cards and retail debit cards


2) Support for the Capitalists for Shared Income Investment Pool that is self-funded in perpetuity

  • Funds the Capitalists for Shared Income Fund Investment Pool, an investment fund spawn by the ingenuity, productivity and entrepreneurial spirit of America in order to build a legacy for Capitalism / Capitalists

  • Invested & managed by C4SI at low cost with the goal of generating balanced growth & income

  • Funds the operational cost of C4SI, including the transaction costs associated with smaller gifts, so that 100% of those donations may fund C4SI $ecurity Cards and retail debit cards

  • Funds C4SI $ecurity Cards and retail debit cards to our 501(c)(3) distribution partners in perpetuity

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You Can Now Donate Stock to C4SI!
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Donations can also be made by writing a check made out to "Capitalists for Shared Income" and sending it to:
PO Box 352
Walnut Creek, CA  94597


You Can Now Donate Crypto to C4SI!
(click on the button below, search for Capitalists for Shared Income in the drop-down menu)

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