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The mission of Capitalists for Shared Income is simple: put cash in the hands of those living in poverty. We believe that cash equivalents are often the best support for someone demonstrating hardship, and offer freedom and self-determination to those in need.

In the process, C4SI aims to better share the abundant wealth produced by Capitalism. We believe that Capitalism is the best economic system. Capitalism efficiently allocates resources and has proven very effective at lifting people out of extreme povertyCapitalism does not prevent other injustices from becoming pervasive in society, and may at times exacerbate these injustices, but these injustices are not inherent per se to the economic system of Capitalism. What Capitalism does not do well is put limits on extreme income and wealth inequality, which are inherent to the economic system of Capitalism.

Political systems can be used to limit Capitalism’s inequalities, but politics is often messy, inefficient, slow and too often fails. Thus, C4SI believes that Capitalism must self-regulate itself and find a way to better share income with its most vulnerable constituents or else risk falling out of favor with the population it so greatly serves. This requires the individual and corporate Capitalists who have benefitted the most from Capitalism to share their income & wealth.

The wealthy are not cheap. The United States has a long history of philanthropy that has benefited society. But, too often, the charity of the wealthy is too dispersed to garner the goodwill it deserves from the general population. C4SI serves as a means for those who have benefited from Capitalism to collectively and purposely give back through a pro-Capitalism organization committed to income sharing via cash supplements, and to do so in a loud and proud way.

What We Do

C4SI collects & manages donations for two ends:


1) Immediate distribution to existing 501(c)(3) public charities that are dealing with food, housing and economic insecurity in the form of $ecurity Cards, pre-paid debit cards. This type of donation is meant for anyone feeling fortunate and thankful enough to give back to those in our society living in poverty. No donation is too small!


2) Long-term funding of the Capitalists for Shared Income Investment Pool which serves as a legacy to the economic benefits of Capitalism in our society. The investment pool is invested in the capitalist system and the yield and a portion of the capital gains are paid out to those living in poverty via C4SI’s $ecurity Cards. A small portion of the investment pool’s yield is also used to cover some of C4SI’s operating expenditures so that a higher percentage of our donors' donations can go to funding C4SI $ecurity Cards and retail debit cards.

Why C4SI?

There are tens of thousands of public charities across the United States doing great work helping millions of people. Why should one choose to support C4SI? C4SI has two focuses:


A) To collect donations from like minded people who believe in Capitalism as an economic system but who also believe that a lack of guardrails on the system have led to income and wealth being too unevenly distributed. C4SI offers like-minded people the opportunity to share the good fortune they have personally garnered from the Capitalist system and give back to those who have garnered less.

B) To provide those living in poverty with cash supplements in order to bestow on them both freedom and self-determination in their time of critical need.


If you are one of the like-minded mentioned in A), and believe in the power of B), join us.

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