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If you have donated and would like to leave a Testimonial, we would love to hear from you

"Capitalism is the most productive economic model ever developed. It cultivates innovation and enables producers and consumers to improve their well-being through free exchanges in competitive markets. However, even in its uncorrupted form it lacks effective mechanisms to widely distribute the benefits of increased productivity. The modern form of hypercapitalism implemented in our society has enabled many of us to do well and a few of us to do extraordinarily well. But the prevalence of poverty remains roughly the same as it has for generations. Why? Here in the most advanced civilization of the 21st century this is simply unacceptable. We can and must do better! C4SI offers an innovative private solution to enable capitalism to overcome its own limitations and help ensure we all share in the benefits. Our economy, government, and society are suffering from the excesses of unrestrained capitalism. We must explore a solution like this--before it's too late!"

   - Scott Ellis, Los Altos CA


"I am an ardent proponent of UBI and I view C4SI as capturing the spirit of that solution for transitioning from mature capitalism to an economic system that insures the wonders of technology benefit us all. With the advent of AI, more and more of our fellow citizens will be affected. C4SI makes it possible for return on investments to redound to those most in need. That is why I am supporting this innovative organization."

   - Gisele Huff, San Francisco CA

     President, The Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity


"I am so excited that an innovative organization like C4SI exists - getting help into the hands of those who need it as quickly as possible.  Their novel approach combines the best of grass-roots work (informed people on the ground who know what the community needs) with a transparent and direct funding process, all while minimizing the friction, overhead costs and inefficiencies of traditional giving models.  

As a C4SI donor, I actually benefit, too.  I feel confident that my gifts are being deployed right where they are needed most, and I love that every dollar that I donate is going directly to community members in need.  Plus the heartwarming testimonials from recipients validates that these small-dollar gifts genuinely have a big impact!"

   - Kathleen B., San Francisco CA

"Having dealt with poverty as a child myself, I was happy to support C4SI. It can be difficult and humiliating to have to ask for money to take care of basic needs when times get tough. I love the idea of giving immediate assistance to individuals and families in a way that respects their independence and dignity. C4SI is a great community program that I hope to see spread throughout the country."

   - Natallia L., Raleigh NC


"C4SI thinks globally, acts locally, and has a big, generous idea at the heart of its mission. I could not be more confident that my money is being used wisely, efficiently, innovatively, and for the benefit of people who need it. Keep up the good work."

   - Joe Fiorill, Washington DC

"I'm happy to support C4SI. I like that it is local. Local business support, making our community better for us all. A win on all fronts."

   - Dante Paulazzo, Walnut Creek CA

     President, M Service Inc

    (C4SI Business Partner)

"The reason this is such a great program is because the funds that are provided are in a format that empowers the recipient. The recipient can use the funds in any way they need. It is difficult enough to rely on others. Restoring dignity and empowerment to the recipients is the shining triumph of this program."

   - Andrea Rosenstein, Hicksville NY

"In today’s America, capitalism has led to both the rise of the billionaire and the complete destruction of the middle class. The greed and lifestyles of the 1% are leaving millions of average Americans in the dust over and over again and something needs to change. C4SI aims to do just that - spread the wealth and stop the greed. Being a monthly donor makes me feel like I’m playing a tiny role in working against this massive problem, and I commend C4SI for all of their efforts both large and small."

   - Patrick Donovan, Philadelphia PA

     Singer / Songwriter

    (C4SI Business Partner)

"When it comes to economic systems, a market-based approach, or ‘free enterprise’ model, generates the most material wealth when compared to the alternatives. Human beings have also made it clear that they want more economic wealth; better food, more comfortable dwellings, more luxurious modes of transportation, etc. The problem with free enterprise economies is the gradual accumulation of wealth by a small percentage of the population. Once basic needs are met, a relatively high-income earner has more income available to invest in assets and build wealth that may exist into perpetuity. This naturally leads to resentment by those who, although better off than they would be without the free enterprise system, have lower incomes and are less able to accumulate wealth. The obvious solution is to transfer income from the high-income group to the low-income group.  This is exactly what C4SI does."

   - Dr. Jonathan T, University Park PA

     Associate Teaching Professor of Agribusiness

"As an economist who worked on the Council of Economic Advisors in a Republican administration, I've long held the view that capitalism is the strongest economic growth driver, given the right legal, fiscal, regulatory, and monetary conditions; and I still do. But I never considered that wealth inequality would continue to increase over the years since then. C4SI provides one mechanism for addressing the inequality. If you despair of fixing things, you can at least do one small thing that works in the right direction. That's why I signed up for a monthly donation."

   - Dean Furbush, New York NY


"As a longtime proponent of universal basic income, I'm very much a fan of any effort to put no-strings cash into the hands of people as quickly and efficiently as possible. Organizations like C4SI are moving the conversation, and humanity, in the right direction."

   - Conrad Shaw, Schenectady NY

"Don't you love it when an idea makes sense both intellectually and emotionally? This venture that the smart, compassionate folks at C4SI are engaged in checks both of those boxes. It's a totally logical approach to helping those who haven't received the great benefits of our capitalist system AND it will make me feel good? Of course I donated (and so should you). What I love most about this project is that it empowers the beneficiaries; people struggling from paycheck to paycheck know best how and where they need to spend the money they receive from C4SI. This program is helpful, thoughtful, and deferential."

   - Craig C, Owings Mills MD

"I agree with those who say we should tax the rich more and not rely on them to share, but it's not an either/or situation. C4SI is a simple, direct way for those who want to share money with others to do so."

   - Stephen Statler, Walnut Creek CA

     Owner, Eureka Street Legal Video

    (C4SI Business Partner)

"C4SI is a unique and original approach to addressing one of the greatest issues of our time, wealth inequality.  Capitalism has contributed to this issue, but is also capable of addressing it.  Money can go from donors to those in need via C4SI without going through bureaucratic government agencies or inefficient large institutional charities. For those people that are struggling to pay for essentials like food and shelter, the $ecurity Cards that C4SI is distributing will provide enormous relief.  Keep up the good work."

   - Nick Edney, Paso Robles CA

"By leveraging an impressive network of mission-based community organizations, C4SI makes an empowering and immediate impact on those under the strain of economic insecurity. Whether one donates towards the pre paid debit cards, the endowment, or makes purchases through C4SI's alignment with the Amazon Smiles program, the benefactors are individuals and families that are vulnerable and in need."

   - Peter A, Swarthmore PA

"I decided to support C4SI to do my part in helping to address the growing monetary inequality happening in America today. I love the partnerships C4SI is forging with experienced organizations that are working to make a difference for less fortunate families and individuals. I believe these partnerships have the ability to accelerate the impact C4SI can provide to society because of their first hand knowledge and expertise dealing with this problem. These are sensitive issues for many people and understanding how to navigate them with respect and care is incredibly important. Keep up the great work you are doing with your direct giving C4SI, America thanks you."

   - R O'Neil, NH

"I love the idea of Capitalists attempting to fix a flaw inherent in Capitalism:  excessive income inequality.  It has gotten much worse in my lifetime, especially recently.  I like the part of C4SI's strategy of giving cash to people and doing so through other 501(c)(3) public charities already working with people living in poverty, and I wanted to support that effort."

     - Gary Mintz, Walnut Creek CA


"I decided to support C4SI because of its core mission and the direct impact my gift could have immediately.  Capitalism has inarguably made the United States the most wealthy country in the world, providing financial opportunity for so many people who start with little or nothing. At the same time, this opportunity has not been available to everyone, and we should not leave those people behind.  Those who have gained significant financial resources through a capitalist economy should both recognize their own good fortune and pick up those in their communities who need a boost.  C4SI is an efficient way to convert the financial gains of capitalism in support of those less fortunate in our communities.  Capitalism and community support should NOT be mutually exclusive, and C4SI provides a mechanism for successful capitalists to leverage their gains to improve their communities, further illustrating how a capitalist society can benevolently alter the distribution of income & wealth through philanthropy."

     - Geoff Krouse, Raleigh NC 

"I got involved with C4SI because I believe that Capitalism is the greatest economic system invented by humans, but, like its human creators, Capitalism isn’t perfect.  Despite stories to the contrary, Capitalists are often decent, thoughtful and altruistic.  Most successful people look for ways to “pay it back or forward”.  They recognize that success without lifting others is just Greed." 

"C4SI is an innovative, intelligent way to help others directly, without government interference,  by harnessing the power of Capitalism to strengthen and improve society on every level.  By leveraging the works of organizations who already are helping those less fortunate, C4SI is just a smart, efficient way to positively affect the most people possible!"

     - Mark Copeland, Hershey PA

"I am an economics professor and while I believe that market-based economies are the best type of economic system, they are not perfect. People and families can be left behind through no fault of their own. While I do think broader government initiatives could reduce inequality and help boost people out of poverty, there is also definitely a role for private individuals and organizations to help in this regard. I chose to support C4SI because I particularly like the idea of providing funds directly to recipients. This mechanism allows individuals to determine on their own how to best use the money to meet their specific needs. This not only increases the efficiency of the aid provided, it also respects the dignity of recipients. Additionally, I appreciate that C4SI has partnered with established charities who will distribute the aid to those in need."

     - Dr. Dan Giedeman, Rockford MI

       Professor of Economics, Grand Valley State University

High and rising income & wealth inequality is one of the most important issues of our time. In the extreme, allowing this trend to go too far in the wrong direction leads to wars and revolutions, as history has shown, or in less extreme cases to the kinds of dysfunctional political polarization and paralysis we see today (for discussion, see Ray Dalio's book The Changing World Order). Clearly, C4SI is not the end of the problem, but we need to do whatever we can within reason to move things in the right direction. Bravo to C4SI.

     - Matt Kurbat, San Francisco, CA

We are glad to support CS4I because there are so many people in need, even during this period of dramatic wealth creation and expansion. We can help – just like the people who helped us earlier in our lives. CS4I has developed a unique model that makes a real difference. By partnering with organizations already serving those in need, and putting funds directly into the hands of recipients, CS4I has made it possible to make a difference quickly, while preserving the dignity of those receiving assistance. Thank you for your efforts to share the wealth created by capitalism, CS4I!

     - Brian and Laura, MD

"I support C4SI because I can see that there are people in my community who need help, but I don't always know how to provide that help, or even what would be most helpful. I appreciate the way C4SI addresses the complex problem of income inequality with a simple solution: putting money directly into the hands of those who need it. C4SI doesn't fight the system we have as Americans, nor rely on politicians to limit and regulate, but appeals to all of us to do the right thing when we can. It's inspiring, and I believe it will work."

     - Meagan Henderson, Walnut Creek CA

"I am very happy to support C4SI. This is simple, easy and has an immediate impact on those that Capitalism has left behind. It also taps into people being able to prioritize their own needs. A win on all fronts."

     - Lee C, Lancaster PA

"We're proud to support such a worthwhile organization. Income and wealth inequality are increasingly big problems, and we believe that those of us who can do so should help those in need. The way C4SI functions makes sense to us; partnering with existing organizations, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. This is an easy way to be a part, albeit a small one, of getting money to those who don't have enough."

     - D Jennings, Denver CO

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