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Here is some feedback we received during our Nov 2022 distribution regarding the distribution of Target debit cards:

  • I came to distribution broken over the death of my mom and all the pressure of the funeral. When you handed me that card it was as if God himself said fear not I am with you.

  • I will buy food.

  • The Target card was so useful. I was able to provide an additional treat for my daughters birthday.


  • I will spend my gift card on home & cleaning supplies, towels, etc.

  • I will by vegetables.


  • Something to read.

  • I will buy clothes for my baby.


  • I will give it to my mom for groceries.

  • I will buy items that I need: detergent, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. Thanks so much!

  • I will buy something for Arts & Crafts to do with my kids.

  • I will buy clothes for my baby.

  • I will buy food and laundry supplies.

  • I will buy food.

  • As a proud mom of 8, it will go to buying something for my kids.

  • I'm going to buy food.

  • I will put food on my table.

  • I will buy basic household products, food.

  • I will buy something for my kids. They need toys.

  • I will buy food and vegetables.

  • I will buy socks and gloves for my children.

  • I will buy groceries for my four kids. I'm grateful for the help I am receiving during time of economic difficulties.

  • I will use it for my 13 year old. He just had a birthday and I was unable to provide for him, but the Lord is a provider! Bless you. Thank you!

  • I will buy clothes for my baby.

  • I will buy clothes to stay warm.

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