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Phase 3


C4SI is also thinking ahead to a long-term equilibrium where it will continuously seek donations from successful capitalists on an on-going basis. Phase 3 will target capitalists’ liquidity events and seek donations at the time of a capitalist’s greatest windfall.


We are naming this Phase 3 campaign “10 bps for Capitalism.”


A liquidity event could be the sale of a business, realized capital gain from an investment, a year-end bonus, etc. C4SI will seek a donation of 0.10% of a capitalist’s windfall (10bps).


Seeking 10bps is deliberate. C4SI is only asking for a tiny fraction of a capitalists’ hard-earned and deserved windfall. Under this proposal, a capitalist keeps 99.9%, and donates 0.10% to a Capitalist Sovereign Wealth Fund invested to put cash in the hands of those living in poverty and build goodwill for Capitalism. There will be plenty of money left over for the capitalists’ other charitable endeavors.


A clear way to think about 10 bps is that it is only $1 per $1,000. If someone makes a 10 bps for Capitalism pledge to C4SI on an existing capitalist investment, they will share only $1 for each $1,000 in return they receive. Here a few examples:

Capitalist 1 invests $50K in an electric scooter company during one of their early financing rounds. She makes a Phase 3 pledge to C4SI on the investment. Eventually, the electric scooter company is sold and Capitalist 1 generates a $50K profit on their investment. Capitalist 1 donates $50 to C4SI.


Capitalist 2 is an investment banker and usually receives large year-end bonuses. At the beginning of the year, Capitalist 2 makes a Phase 3 pledge to C4SI on his current year bonus. Capitalist 2 receives a $2.5 million dollar bonus. Capitalist 3 donates $2,500 to C4SI.


Capitalist 3 accumulates equity in a private company for which they work. They make a Phase 3 pledge to C4SI on the equity. The company goes public and Capitalist 3 generates a $15 million profit. Capitalist 3 donates $15K to C4SI.

While 10bps is a small ask to an individual capitalist, collectively this can be a very effective way for C4SI to tap into the wealth generated by Capitalism.


There are thousands of capitalists who have windfalls every year. Phase 3 is C4SI’s strategy to tap into that wealth creation when it occurs.

Phase 3 Pledges

WHEN: Feb2024

WHAT: Capitalist3_1 pledges 10bps on their investment in a pharmaceutical sterilization company




WHEN: Feb2024

WHAT: Capitalist3_2 pledges 10bps on their equity sale of a pharmaceutical medical device sales business


AMOUNT:  ($TBD)    

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