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Phase 1


In Sep-2022, C4SI launched a campaign for recurring donors.


C4SI currently has 140 recurring donors raising just under $18K per year for debit cards. Our recurring donors are an important part of our strategy because they support our annual distribution of debit cards.


Funding cards from small donors over the next four years while C4SI seeks donations for the Investment Pool is important because we have been told by the uber-wealthy people we have talked to that they want to see a multi-year track record and measurement of C4SI’s success before they will write a big check.


Phase 1 recurring donations can be made through C4SI’s website and are designed to fund X number of $ecurity Cards per year. For example, The Copper Tier is $5/mo and funds one $ecurity Card per year, whereas the Platinum Tier is $50/mo and funds ten $ecurity Cards per year.


Recurring donations do not need to be monthly. C4SI has no monthly payroll to meet. Some of C4SI’s recurring donations are quarterly and some are annually. Importantly, having recurring donations decreases C4SI’s solicitation time and expenses.


C4SI has recently hired an intern who has been tasked with increasing C4SI’s reach via social media. C4SI believes there are likely tens of thousands of like minded people who are in a position to donate $60 annually to C4SI and fund one $ecurity Card per year. Our task is to reach them. There is no reason to believe C4SI could not reach >+1K recurring donors over the next few years.

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