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As part of our distribution in Dec 2021, we asked Trinity Center to do a survey for us so we could get some data on the usefulness of C4SI $ecurity Cards. We designed the survey in the following way:


  • Survey 50 people

  • All 50 would receive the same distribution containing personal hygiene supplies

  • 25 of the 50 would also receive a $58 $ecurity Card as part of their distribution

  • All 50 would be asked a few questions about their distribution

  • All 50 would be given a $15 retail debit card after answering the questions

Here are the results of the survey:

1. On a scale from 1-10, how happy are you with this distribution?

   w/ $ecurity Card             

     mean: 9.64

     rank 10: 18

     rank  9:  5

     rank  8:  2

   w/o $ecurity Card

     mean: 9.44

     rank 10: 18

     rank  9:  1

     rank  8:  5

     rank  7:  1

2. Which item contained in this distribution is the most helpful?

   w/ $ecurity Card

    $ecurity Card            44%

    toothbrush/toothpaste 32%

    shampoo                8%

   w/o $ecurity Card

    toothbrush/toothpaste 44%

    hand sanitizer         8%

    socks                  8%

We asked an additional question of the 25 people receiving a $ecurity Card.


3. How do you plan to use the $ecurity Card?

  • groceries

  • medication

  • transportation necessities

  • phone bill -- thanks a lot!

  • I'll save it

  • I need to buy feminine stuff for menstruation. Need toiletries. I need to self-care with face/body stuff when center for homeless is not open

  • it means comfort, support and a better means to support myself

  • food

  • will use to buy diaper wipes

  • will use it for food

  • I will by a razor

  • Can buy N95 mask. It helps with the inflation.

  • groceries

  • more money to spend and happy to use it

  • buy kids a couple of pants

  • can meet a financial need

  • groceries

  • buy groceries that I need

  • grocery shopping

  • I can buy something that I desire

  • can now pay a bill

  • opportunity to get myself what is important and what I need

  • by buying things I need

  • currently transportation purposes

  • to get certain hygiene items and as a "rainy day" life saver

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