“Here at Trinity Center in Walnut Creek, CA, where we offer daytime services and an emergency overnight shelter program for those experiencing or at risk of homelsessness, we are fortunate to be able to harness the generosity of our local community to provide for the food, clothing and personal care products we are able to make available to our members.


But there are just some things you can’t gather, store and distribute and that’s where the additional, individualized buying power that the C4SI $ecurity Card offers to our members, comes into play. They can use that additional cash to make an auto repair, or pay for an oil change, or even AAA membership in case they get stuck in the middle of the night somewhere. They can use it for their commute cost, their uniform costs. They can even use it to pay back maybe a personal loan to someone who has helped them out and therefore continue that relationship and that source of help should they need it in the future. They can use it to contribute to the groceries or even the utility cost if someone is letting them couch surf in their house. They can even use it for personal care:  a shave, a haircut. How much does that restore how we feel about ourselves? And, our members just don’t have that kind of cash to be able to do it on their own. So, it can really give back people’s sense of worth and dignity. They can even use the $ecurity Card to give gifts to someone. How meaningful it is for those who are struggling at the margin to be able to offer a gift and love to someone they care about. So, $ecurity Cards: they offer just that little bit of extra cash and it can make a world of difference.


At Trinity Center, we are so proud to be a Distribution Partner, and to support C4SI in this innovative work which is truly helping not only those we serve but the wider community, our local businesses, where those extra dollars are being brought to their cash registers. We think it is a great idea. We are so proud to be part of this. And we look forward to all the benefits that our members, our organization, and our community at large will have over the years because of this partnership.


Thank you.”


Leslie Gleason

Executive Director

Trinity Center, Walnut Creek CA

(watch Leslie’s video)


“I was so grateful that Arsola's Distribution Center and Community Services was chosen to be a Distribution Partner of C4SI's. It was a pleasure working side-by-side on that day in Dec 2021 to first distribute C4SI's $ecurity Cards and witness firsthand how much people suffering with food insecurity can also benefit from the extra help provided by a cash supplement. Thank you so much, C4SI! We are looking forward to the next distribution in March 2022 and seeing the smiles and grateful TEARS that C4SI's $ecurity Cards evoke from our clients."

Candi Thornton

Founder & Executive Director

Arsola's Distribution Center and Community Services, Oakland CA

“My name is Christine Drexler and I am the President & Founder of Cocoa Packs, a local nonprofit in Hershey, PA that provides food assistance and other services to over 1,300 children in 1st to 12th grades in eighteen different school districts. We are proud and blessed to partner with Capitalists for Shared Income. What a profound difference they are making in the lives of the children we assist."

Christine Drexler

Founder & President

Cocoa Packs, Hershey PA

(watch Christine’s video)

"You have no idea how much you are helping those that are facing dire circumstances. The hope you are providing is transformational"

Christine Drexler

Founder & President

Cocoa Packs, Hershey PA

(received via email on 03/16/2022 after C4SI's March 2022 distribution of debit cards arrived)